Video Status Trimmer
Post your full stories by splitting long videos into 15 seconds, 26 seconds or 30 seconds clips

- Split your videos in simple steps while maintaining the original quality of the video after processing.
- You don't need to use multiple apps to split videos to update your WhatsApp status. With Video Status Trimmer, you can split your videos, update status directly or post to WhatsApp and other social media.

App Features
- Update your status on social media apps like: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc.
- Very useful when you need to share a long video on social networks.
- Automatically split the video into 15 seconds, 26 seconds or 30 second clips to share as WhatsApp Status.
- Preview the video result directly from the app.
- There is no watermark in the output videos.
- Share one or multiple videos directly from the app.

If you are looking for app which will auto split long videos, Video Status Trimmer is the perfect app for you.
A very fast and easy app to send big videos to Whatsapp and other social networks.

Version: 1.0.1